The American Dream

"A happy way of living that can be achieved by anyone in the U.S.
especially by working hard and becoming successful."

A noontime alarm begins the staring contest
between my hazel crusties
and the cat’s big green shooters.

Feed the furball.

Shower ‘till the teeny water heater exhausts,
scramble a cup of tea,
fry up a joint.

I take the shoelace express
forty five minutes.
The carbon footprint on my economy car
is about an eight wide in women’s.

At work two dollars and an employee discount
gets me one tortilla,
and a whole lot of hot cheese.

Six to ten hours later I take
a fork for my holiday bonus.
I mutter I have no change
back through stop lights and cigarettes.

Take-out waits in the fridge.

My new apartment has windows.

Two green eyes sit in them.
They stare through,
my white picket fence.